The French Riviera’s best kept secret.

Our family have lived and worked on the French Riviera for 17 years, and hands down, our favourite time of year is from September, to April. No, we have not lost our minds; we can assure you that we are letting you in on our best-kept secret!


36 Hours in Provence

Mixing work with play, we spent 36 hours in Provence, visiting properties, and enjoying what spring has to offer in one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

How France reclaimed its’ cool.

So, France is cool again. Phew! There’s no doubt about it ; optimism is in, and a decade of ‘France-bashing’ has come to a welcome halt. Negative rhetoric has been replaced by phrases such as ‘nation of entrepreneurs’, ‘land of innovation’, ‘job creation’, ‘the place of choice for startups’, and ‘attractive to global talent’…. We…

36 Hours in Cannes, France

An iconic name on the French Riviera, with a plethora of Palm Trees, Luxury Boutiques, polished Super Yachts, and some of the most lavish properties in Europe; Cannes is a little jewel in the crown of France. Inspired by The New York Times “36 Hours” series, we know that time is precious, and if you’re…

Is now the right time to buy your property in France?

That’s the Million Dollar Question everybody wants the answer to, and our advice based on the market today is – Yes, we believe it is.. The market started to move again in early 2017. Offers are being accepted. Sale agreements are being signed. Loans are being granted. SOLD boards are going up, and new properties…